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    A gluten-free, vegan survey

    Hi! Yes, I still exist, and yes, I’m still a gluten-free vegan! I’ve just been busy – we bought a house in April, closed in June, and had a whirlwind summer of travelling, unpacking, and being with friends. To get started blogging again, I thought I’d do something very low-key and post my responses to […]

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    Hot Beans!

    The vegan population in Toronto has been all abuzz about Hot Beans, the vegan, Latin-inspired takeout place that just opened today in Kensington Market. I went there for lunch today, and while I won’t do a full review just yet, I will say the yuba ‘chicken’ taco was really delicious buy atorvastatin online. I got […]

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    Bunner’s Bake Shop

    Toronto bakeries and coffee shops take note: you can make wonderful baked goods that are both gluten-free and vegan. As someone who adheres to both of those diets, it can be very difficult finding a snack if I’m at a cafe with Rich on a lazy weekend afternoon. Toronto has a lot of choices for […]

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    What the Pho!

    I think that’s what all of us here in Toronto were saying* when it was announced today that Mayor Rob Ford and his team would be raising fares on our local transit, the TTC. Add that to some of the other recent announcements from city hall, and the fact that it’s -15C outside today, and […]

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    I’m just going to say it straight up, with no excuses: I’ve been busy and haven’t put any time into Mmm, Tasty! over the past few months. Other things in my life have taken all my focus and energy. While those things will continue to get much of my focus and energy for 2011, I […]

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